Chris Burch: From Luxury Fashion To Luxury Hospitality

Chris Burch is a man who is known for having an exquisite taste in luxury living. He is a visionary who has redefined the term luxury by giving life to some of the unique and one of a kind travel destinations in the entire world. Even though Chris Burch has made quite a splash in the hospitality industry, it is not, in fact, the field that he is known for. Chris Burch is a fashion mogul who has been behind some of the biggest fashion companies in the country. He is majorly an investor who seeks out investment opportunities in the field and helps them grow and develop to be leaders in their sector. For update on his recent timeline activities, hit on He has worked with several companies and firms through the course of his career and has tried expanding to various other areas as well, which is what brings him to the current ventures that he is pursuing today.  Read more about him in this article on

When it comes to fashion, Chris Burch has indeed given a boost to some of the best. He has invested in some of the biggest brands in the industry and has worked with a host of celebrities, bringing their fashions to the limelight. One of the recent stars that Chris Burch worked with was Ellen DeGeneres, who decided to partner with Chris Burch for her clothing line ED. He also is the financial backbone of a company known as Tory Burch, which is one of the most popular endeavors that Chris Burch has taken on. The brand is one of the most sought-after luxury brands on the market today and has attracted customers from all over the world.   Have a peek at his diverse investments, hit

When it comes to hospitality, Chris Burch has some of the best to his name. He is the owner of his own luxury one of a kind hotel called the Nihiwatu. The hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels, which infuses modern minimalism with the bliss of beautiful surroundings. The hotel is located on the beautiful island of Nihi Sumba, which is an island in the country of Indonesia.  Read additional important details about the resort on

Since the hotel first opened its doors for business, it has attracted tourists and travel lovers from all over the globe. The hotel was built on the beach that surrounds the area and spans over a majority of the island. The hotel was bought and developed by Chris Burch as a gift for his children. He wanted to give them a piece of luxury and nature that they could preserve, which is why he decided on this brilliant venture.  Head over to this for more related reading.

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