Chris Burch Opens First Hotel, And It’s One Of The Best In The World

Chris Burch is known for being one of the biggest names in Fashion, owing to the numerous brands that he has under his name. He is a businessman and entrepreneur who is known for trying his best to set up companies that offer the finer things in life. Most recently, he decided to open up a new hotel in Indonesia with his friend and business associate, James McBride. The two of them decided to buy a large plot of land in the beautiful untouched Indonesian island of Nihi Sumba and transitioned it into a luxury hotel that sets the standard for hotels all over the world. Chris Burch and James McBride spent a total of sixty million dollars to turn this piece of land into state of the art, one of a kind hotel. Making the best use of every aspect of the island, the Nihiwatu beats all other hotels and stands out for the unique experience that it has to offer.   For related article, hit on this link from

The reason why Chris Burch bought this land was that he wanted to buy an extravagant gift for his children. He wanted to give them something timeless, and something that speaks beauty in every sense of the word, and the Nihiwatu was the perfect fit for this.  Check for additional reading. The Nihiwatu first opened its doors to visitors in 2015 and since then has been home to thousands of travelers from all around the globe. The hotel is built in the center of the island and stretches over acres of land. The hotel has twenty-seven individual villas, which even have their pool overlooking the beautiful ocean. Each villa also comes with its own set of personal staff and butlers to tend to every need of the guests that come there. Hop over to for more of Nihi.

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Chris Burch wanted this place also to be one that he can call home. For this purpose, he decided to construct one villa, that was just for him and his family. This particular villa is not open to guests but serves as the Burch family home numerous times during the year. The luxury villa surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes is just one of the few reasons why the Nihiwatu has become so well known. Travel + Leisure Magazine rated the Nihiwatu as the best hotel in the world in 2015 and decided to award it once again with the same position in 2016. The Nihiwatu has almost everything that one can expect from a luxury vacation.  Continue reading on for more of Burch and his Burch Creative Capital.

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