Chris Burch’s Success Journey and His Advice to Startups

Chris Burch is a self-accomplished businessman who has made it to the Forbes list, courtesy of his wealth. His desire to pursue entrepreneurship was sparked at a very young age, back when he used to see his father work in his construction company. He was determined to one day start a business of his own and be wealthy from it. His dream came true, but it did not just happen overnight.  Check for additional article.

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Burch started his own business when he was still in college. Along with his brother, they started the Eagles Apparel. They invested around $2,000 and would use this money to buy apparel, which they would later sell to their peers at a profit. By the time they were selling the company a few years later, it was worth over $60 million.

After the sale of Eagle’s Eye Apparel, Burch proceeded to build an empire. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. This is an umbrella that deals in investments and in the development of brands. In the past, he was the founder of Tory Burch and C. Wonder. Visit the website for more info, click

Nihiwatu is also on the list of companies that are owned by Chris Burch. Nihiwatu was once rated as the world’s best hotel. It is located in Sumba Island, a remote Island in Indonesia. It boasts of having some of the plushest amenities including plunge pools, treehouses and indoor pools. Nihiwatu isn’t just a great destination, but is also concerned about the welfare of the community in which it operates. That is why the resort provides employment to hundreds of the Sumbanese people. Additionally, a share of the revenues collected by Nihiwatu goes towards a local non-profit organization, which helps alleviate suffering in the community by providing basic commodities and health care access.  Read more about the resort on

Having been successful as an entrepreneur, Chris Burch started a blog where he gives advice on how to be successful in business. Read his shared views and insights, hit on

He is a firm believer that the way you start your business will determine whether you will be success or not. Therefore it is important that you do a thorough market research and analyze it before drawing a good plan. Additionally, he advises startups to find good leadership. He argues that not every one that has a great idea will make a great leader. Thus, it is important to find a proven leader to help. Lastly, he recommends that startups plan for financing before they begin operations.

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