Christopher Burch: Investing Genius

Christopher Burch is a well-renowned businessman known for his vast investments in various industries. Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He was born in March 1953 and grew up in Pennsylvania. At the age of twenty-three, while pursuing a course at Ithaca College, Burch and his brother Robert began working on their first serious business project, Eagle’s Eye, that involved producing and selling sweaters with an investment of two thousand dollars investment. In search of broader markets for his product, Burch moved from campus to campus and eventually into retail stores. Over the years the company’s sales grew to an estimate of one hundred and forty million dollars. In 1989, he partially sold the firm to Swire Group in a bid to expand his business interests. Refer to for additional article.

Burch has an eye for the real estate industry. In 2004, he came on board with hotelier Alan Faena and architect Phillipe Stark, and together the trio transformed an archaic building that was previously used as a grain store into the Faena Hotel+ Universe. In search of more challenges in the sector, Burch bought a luxury home in NewYork tagged at 14 million dollars which he renovated and later sold it for a profit of 11 million dollars. Check  A year later, Burch founded a company whose sole purpose was to supply construction materials to real estate developers. In 2012, Burch came into an alliance with a colleague James McBride with a goal to renovate a resort in Indonesia. Nihi Sumba was born. The duo worked on the project that consisted of 27 villas in an island, and the resort earned a five-star title making it into the world’s most prestigious hotels only a year after its reopening.   Read more about the resort, hit on this.

Shortly after partially selling his first company, Burch ventured into the entertainment industry where he produced the romantic comedy film “Watch It.” He was Internet Capital Group’s investor in its early years and has injected funds into other telecommunication firms such as Powermat and Aliph. Burch also invested in BaubleBar with an estimated ten million injection. For update on his recent timeline activities, click

In 2004, Tory Burch fashion label was launched with Chris Burch behind its success. He was co-chairman of the fashion company and also owned a part of it. In 2008, he founded J.Christopher Capital LLC which was later remodeled to Burch Creative Capital which was created to manage his vast investments and help incubate new brands. Visit its website, hop over to   Burch earned the billionaire title in 2012.

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