EOS Moves Along Ahead of Chapstick

The Evolution of Smooth has become one of the top selling brands of lip balm. There are a lot of people that are waiting to see what the next flavor from this company will be. It is a very interesting company that has managed to gain a lot of space in stores because the product design is so unique. This was an interesting way for Evolution of Smooth to cleverly gain more shelf space. Stores will obviously have to give this product more space because it was bigger. When people look at EOS lip balm products, it has obviously overshadowed the others because of the shape and colors.

This has been close to a decade of planning. Initially this was a product that was found in stores like Walgreens. This is where customers may have made an impulse purchase when they were picking up a prescription or simply browsing through the store during a lunch break. As time progressed the Evolution of Smooth went from Walgreens and expanded into Walmart and a plethora of other stores. Now it is something that has become known as the product for smooth lips.

Lots of people in the industry are surprised that this lip balm company has done so well, but it only shows that the underdog can rise to the top when the industry leaders failed to secure their post. This is what the leadership at Chapstick did. They did not secure their post as the leader by thinking outside of the box and coming up with new ideas for customers. They stayed in their lane and continued to do the same thing year after year because they felt that customers purchased their products out of routine you. The Evolution of Smooth founders came along and made a point to breakup routine.




One thought on “EOS Moves Along Ahead of Chapstick

  1. Quite unbelievable how Evolution of Smooth came into the market and completely conquered even as there were different lip balms that were selling well. I showed one of my student how to meditate properly and he has been better after ward. It doesn’t surprise me though, Evolution of Smooth came into the market with a different perspective and that has helped them to beat other competitors, even Chapstick.

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