Nihiwatu and Other Chris Burch’s Investments

Chris Burch is a business-minded individual with interests in resorts, hotels, and alternative living spaces. Burch, 64, has dedicated his life (beginning on campus) to different businesses, but he is also interested in philanthropy.  For an update with his recent timeline activities, click

Burch has founded, co-founded, or invested in companies that have national or global recognition. For example, he co-founded Tory Burch (a renowned luxury fashion brand). Burch has invested in companies such as Ellen DeGeneres’ ED, Poppin, and Cocoon9 among other businesses. All firms that Burch has been involved with have always become successful because he is a marketing and branding genius.  To read more about his diverse investments, check

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In 2012, Burch and James McBride bought a beach hotel on the Indonesian Island of Sumba. Burch and McBride, an experienced hotelier, renovated the beach hotel for over $30 million and reopened it two years later having been transformed into a five-star resort. Burch and McBride renamed the resort “Nihiwatu” meaning mortar stone.

According to those who have toured Nihiwatu, the resort is breathtaking. The resort has 27 villas made from wood and natural stone, and each villa has a private pool. The villas were designed such that they blend perfectly into the surrounding beautiful natural environment. From inside and outside the villas, guests have an impressive view of the island’s coastline. Villas can cost as low as $750 per night to as high as $14,000 per night depending on two factors: the size of the villa and the season of the year (peak or off-peak).  For additional article about the breathtaking resort, hit on

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What’s more, Burch’s Nihiwatu provides guests with unparalleled experiences during their visit. Apart from relaxing in the state of the art resort, tourists have an opportunity to travel on land across the island, go on excursions, enjoy surfing, and use a boat to explore different parts of the island. The 90 minutes tours always culminate in an opportunity for guests to dive into a waterfall.

Burch has never forgotten to give back to the community. For instance, the people living around Nihiwatu have benefited from the Nihiwatu. The resort consistently donates to the Sumba Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports projects that help the local community. Also, Burch has supported the medical training carried out by NY Langone and New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital. Outside the U.S, Burch has supported the Child Welfare League of China and the China Association of Social Work. Presently, Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. A company he founded to support lifestyle and consumer products.

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