Nihiwatu Resort, another Christopher Burch Investment Success

Christopher Burch has been investing for nearly 40 years, and is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has been involved in the success of roughly 50 companies in that time, and most recently has partnered with Ellen DeGeneres in launching her line of lifestyle products.

According to, back in 1976 Mr. Chris Burch and his brother, with $2,000, began a small apparel retail venture selling wool sweaters on their college campus at Ithaca University in New York. That company, Eagles Eye would go on to be worth $165 million before being sold. As a result of his smart business sense and knack for investing, Mr. Burch has one of the most eclectic and diverse investment portfolios in investing today. His investments span both domestic and international ventures, to include luxurious homes in Nantucket, South Hampton, Miami, Los Angeles and Nihiwatu Resort on the Indonesian Island of Sumba.  Related article on

Mr. Burch acquired the island resort in 2012 from the original owners, Claude and Petra Graves, after hearing they were looking for investors to help expand the resort.

The resort, originally a small surfer’s paradise, has undergone major changes under the guidance and tutelage of Mr. Burch and James McBride, whom had been brought on as a managing partner to open the resort up for a much larger international audience than just surfers.

It took three years, and roughly $30 million, before the new Nihi Island Resort would open after having been closed down for expansion and reimagining. Since being reopened the resort has been voted the number one hotel in the world by readers of Travel & Leisure for both 2016 and 2017. Head over to to learn more about the famous resort.

This is due in part to the additions to the resort activities beyond just surfing and surfing lessons. Some of the activities include horseback riding, spear fishing, and paddle boarding. The resort also features a beachside spa.  More to read here.

With its success, the Nihiwatu resort has joined the many successful companies comprising Mr. Burch’s portfolio which include: ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9 and the hospitality business Bur+Mah.

Mr. Chris Burch has also contributed to various foundations and organizations to include the Nihiwatu Foundation, The China Association of Social Work, The Child Welfare League of China, and Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.  Read the investor details here on

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