Steve Ritchie Outlines New Plans for Papa John’s

Papa John’s is taking a couple of new steps moving forward. Under the leadership of Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s has issued an open letter to staff and customers. In it he has promised to make the company more inclusive and to increase diversity efforts. Profits at Papa John’s have been declining over the last two years, and Steve Ritchie has outlined a plan to increase sales.

One effort Ritchie will be leading is the need for diversity training. Ritchie has traveled the country listening to franchise owners, and he is determined to alter the culture of the company to promote an atmosphere of inclusivity. Experts in the field of diversity and inclusion have been hired to put together training for Papa John’s management. Steve Ritchie has outlined two steps the company can make to help with diversity. He is determined to increase the amount of minority owned franchises there are. He is also focuses on improving outreach into the communities Papa John’s serves.

Ritchie has been in the pizza business for a quarter of a century, and he feels it should bring people together. Ritchie has been hurt by some of the criticism the company has received, and he is focused on changing the image of Papa John’s to one every can be proud of. On the business side of things, Ritchie is working on a set of plans to help boost the profit margins. He is planning this on a worldwide scale, and he knows it will have to be a long term effort. The company might not see a return to previous year’s earning for quite a while. A new advertising campaign will be a start, but by working more closely with franchises to increase their profits, Ritchie sees a turn around ahead.

Ritchie knows the size of the task ahead of him, but he has a plan in place to improve both the image and the profits of the company.

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