The Entrepreneurial Precepts of Burch Creative Company

Christopher Burch is a prominent entrepreneur who has been in the field for over forty years. Chris founded his company, Burch Creative Capital where he serves as the CEO. In his forty years as an entrepreneur, Burch has also been active when it comes to investing. He is responsible for the rise of some technology and luxury brands. Jawbone and Voss Water are among such companies. He formerly was a member of the Board at Guggenheim Capital and also at the Continuum Group.

Christopher Burch’s success as an entrepreneur started in the year 1976. By this time he was pursuing his undergraduate at Ithaca College. Chris entered the corporate world by first establishing Eagles Eye Apparel where he invested $2,000 in getting it started. He worked on it together with his brother Bob. The Business grew immensely and became worth $165 million. Later they sold it to Swire Group. It was after selling the Eagles Eye Apparel that Burch went ahead and became one of the first investors in Internet Capital Group. The story of Internet Capital Group as an IPO is well known in the digital space.  Refer to for a related article

As a strategy, Mr. Burch found the link between innovation and implementation. He understood this and forged ahead towards success. His keen understanding of the behavior of customers, the experience he had in making use of superior infrastructure and his direct customer channels helped in giving him an edge in the market.

Burch Creative Capital is an enterprise that represents the growth and change of venture capital. They achieve this by working based on Burch’s belief that creativity is essential when it comes to successful investing.

The company’s precepts when it comes to investments are based on the values and visions of Christopher Burch as a businessman. His vision for new market opportunities has greatly aided the company. The company employs creative skills and unique financial practices to set, nurture, support and strengthen disruptive brands and enterprises.  Visit its website to read more about the company, check on

Presently, Burch Creative Group strives to support the development of various lifestyle and user products. They show interest in retail brands like garments and home furnishings. Besides that, they also venture in technology companies and organic foodstuffs too.

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The success strategies used by Burch Creative Group including the creation of disruptive ideas which have a positive impact on people’s lives for a very long time. The company is committed towards giving their clients something that is way valuable than merely purchasing their products. They strive to ensure that their customers have an experience.  Additional article on

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